Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant


certified child sleep consultant

Tamara is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant and believes passionately in supporting families not only to find a solution to their child's sleep issues, but also one that they feel comfortable following through with... There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep; each family has their story and that story will shape how we move forward towards blissful blessed sleep. As a mother of three young children, Katie understands the extreme highs and lows of parenting and is guaranteed to be completely judgement free! She really has seen it all and NOTHING phases her when it comes to current sleep habits. She feels strongly that families should never feel bullied or forced to do something with their children that they do not feel comfortable with and she is a vocal advocate for tired mamas.

Tamara is the Regional Director (Canada) of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and mentors new and upcoming sleep consultants around the globe. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her two adorable (and well slept!) children.

About Me

I am a professional Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant who helps families across Canada create successful, healthy sleep patterns for their infants and toddlers. I started my career coaching parents after overcoming one of the biggest challenges of my life. Once becoming a mom it is easy to forget that we also have needs and tend to lose ourselves and our identity. I know what exhaustion feels like, I know what lost feels like, and most of all I understand the kind of emotional pain that feels bottomless and hopeless. I was tired. I was so tired. I was also depressed and moody, I was not me anymore. I was miserable and feeling nothing but guilt and shame because after all I had been given the most precious and beautiful gift. Who was I to complain?

I had the most beautiful baby girl who just didn’t know how to sleep. She would wake every night, repeatedly, sometimes every hour. All night long. She must have been exhausted too, but she hid it a lot better than I did. She was always smiling. She would laugh and play. She rarely ever cried, except when it came to sleeping. After almost 8 months of this, I got help. I hired a sleep consultant and it 100% changed my life. My daughter’s life. My family’s life. Creating a healthy cohesive environment for my family was the BEST THING I EVER DID.

When I look back on my journey as a mom thus far I wouldn’t change a thing. The months I spent depressed and exhausted has given me the empathy and compassion required to really help others. I truly believe to really be able to understand and help other families overcome sleep issues, you need to have lived through it. Experienced it. Felt what they are feeling, perhaps what you are feeling right now.

This experience ignited something within me. I was desperate to take everything I learned and use it to help others so I got my certification as an Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant. I feel fortunate to have found my calling as a sleep coach and am passionate about making a difference in other peoples' lives.

If this is how you are feeling, I am the help you so desperately need. I will walk with you through this difficult time, guide you, and coach you step by step until your baby or toddler is getting the sleep they need. The sleep that will make you all happier and healthier. The sleep that will provide you with the energy and mindset to enjoy your child fully. To enjoy your journey through parenthood. That positive journey will start with a sleeping baby. The Sleeping Baby.