Sugar High

What do you call a child who crashes after an Easter sugar high? Eggzosted

Since becoming a mom I realized that some traditions passed down to me were just not going to work for my family. I love Easter and I love a good Easter egg hunt but my children don’t need a basket filled with chocolate bunnies and sugary treats. It was only last week I threw away the rest of their untouched Halloween candy. Easter is an opportunity to get your kids ready for Spring by replacing those eggs with fun activities. Too many sugary treats will spike those blood sugars leaving your little bunnies bouncing out of bed. Here are some creative Easter ideas shared from my Mom Squad:

"I fill plastic Easter eggs with stickers and tattoos and little toys. Then I scatter them around the house for the kids to hunt. At the end of their hunt are baskets filled with spring items such as rain jackets, umbrellas, bike helmets, bubbles and chalk." – Laura, Mom of Bianca and Massimo

"We hide a few stickers or temporary tattoos in plastic eggs. We also take advantage of community events, parade, egg painting, egg hunts etc." – Lesley, Momma of Lovely and Rayne

"I haven't had too much experience with Easter crafts because the boys are so small. The only one that I specifically remember doing, was when we went to a community event where they gave the kids small plates of shaving cream and they could choose the colors of drops of food coloring to put on top of the shaving cream. Then, they gave the kids a hard boiled egg, and the kids would roll the egg through the shaving cream and the food coloring would blend in and stain the egg beautifully; and this was their way to do Easter egg coloring." – Sarah, Mommy of Nash & Cole

Tammy, Mom of Kianna and Kendra had plenty of great ideas to fill those baskets: Juice plus gummies, Schleich horses, hair accessories, small journal, small drawing book, gum, electric tooth brush, movie passes, juice boxes (100 percent real juice), horse puzzles, agenda book, and a Kid’s Day Coupon: your child picks the date and you do whatever they want for the day within reason.

"We love Sunflowers and they will grow just about anywhere so the kids get an assortment of sunflower seeds in their Easter baskets that we plant in May. Last year we grew beautiful red and purple sunflowers as well as giant ones that grew to six feet tall." - Angelina, Mom to Alissa and Austin

My girls love puzzles, so I find a Spring puzzle (not too many pieces) and fill plastic eggs with the pieces. Once all the eggs are found you can do the puzzle together.

Whatever your Easter plans are stick to your usual bedtimes and routines (see previous blog on the perfect bedtime routine), and don’t let your little ones (or yourselves) overindulge on treats.

Wishing you all a healthy, Happy Easter!

The Importance of a Bedtime Routine

Simple to introduce and super effective for improving your child’s sleep is a bedtime routine. Doing the same bedtime routine every night is a sure way to teach your little one that bedtime is coming. Babies and toddlers thrive on consistency and when you repeat the same steps every night leading up to bedtime your child will associate those activities with bedtime. They will come to understand their long sleep is coming. An ideal bedtime routine starts off with a bath. A bath is a different and memorable experience for a baby, it also cleans and freshens them up for bed. If you are worried about dry skin, you don’t have to use soap every night and you can limit the amount of water you use. Lotion and a little massage after is a great way to prevent dry skin. Follow up with their pjs and sleep sac. If your baby is still at an age where they are being feed before bed, then after their bath is the perfect time. Keep the lights on and keep your baby awake during this feed, do not let them get drowsy. Keep them wide awake. After the feed you can read them a short story or sing them a song, then put them into their crib – AWAKE! Good night and lights out. This entire routine should ideally take 30 minutes. Repeat, every night. Sleep tight, Tamara